Closure of the 18-hole golf course at Boston West

Closure of the 18-hole golf course at Boston West

As many of you will already know, as of July 31st, we made the difficult decision to close the 18-hole golf course at Boston West.

Since taking over Boston West we've put enormous effort into keeping the golf course open. Unfortunately, despite a true belief we could do it - and huge investment into both maintaining the course and into marketing initiatives - we've had to admit defeat.

Running a full 18-hole golf course is an expensive business. And our membership revenues (sadly in line with golf courses all over the country) are not close to covering the running costs.

Inevitably there will be redundancies, and this is by far the saddest aspect of the closure. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank staff who worked so hard to help us keep the course operational over the last few years.


Golf lives on at the Boston West

The 18-hole golf course is no more but there are still plenty of facilities at Boston West for golfers of all abilities.

Top Tracer is very much here to stay, as is the mini-golf course and all coaching facilities. The only thing that's changing is that there will no longer be the opportunity to play18-hole golf.

Weddings, functions and corporate events will continue to play an even bigger part in Boston West's future. And we'll be now able to plough new investment into other core aspects of the business, especially into the hotel and onsite restaurant, Westwoods Bar & Grill.


What's the future for Boston West's 150 acres?

Plans haven't yet been finalised; however, we have some very exciting ideas on the table. We're very much geared towards the Boston West becoming a family-friendly attraction – our aim being to give a far wider audience the opportunity to enjoy our stunning grounds.

As soon as we have concrete plans in place for the direction for Boston West, we'll let you know.


Thanks to everyone for your support over the last few years

Many thanks to our former Boston West Golf Club members. We appreciate your support and sincerely hope you'll visit us often to make the most of our remaining golfing facilities or join us for a meal or a drink in Westwoods Bar & Grill.